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lisa torick


Animals are my passion. I am a dog/animal trainer ( and an oil painter who also paints pet portraits. My goal has always been to continually improve my training and painting skills, as well as my observational skills of animal emotions and behavior. This helps me feel more of a connection with the animals I paint, and hopefully this comes through in my work. My goal is for you to see the animal you know and love in my painting. 


If you would like an original oil painting, I am happy to meet your pet and take photos to help me with the painting. Alternatively, you may already have some favorite photos I can use. I always love meeting my subjects, but I know that isn’t always possible. I charge by the square inch, taking into account the number of animals and the complexity of the piece. Please contact me and we can talk about commissioning a painting of your pet!


Lisa Torick

Boulder County, CO


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